My Practice

Over the years I have donated time, money and resources, including pro-bono work, to several queer-friendly organizations such as District 202, OutFront Minnesota and the Minnesota Aids Project. I am proud to have lobbied against laws intended to undermine personal freedom and choice. I have consistently worked to increase the legal rights of people in families and in relationships who do not enjoy the benefits and protections of legal recognition. In 1993, I lobbied to help pass the amendment to the Minnesota Human Rights Act which added "sexual orientation" to the classes protected by the Act and I continue to work and fight against the routine efforts of hostile groups that seek to erode the protections afforded by the 1993 amendment.

Just as sexual orientation is not as simple as gay, straight or bi, gender identity is more complex than the male/female, masculine/feminine binaries. I am proud to have worked to pass legislation which protects people from gender identity discrimination and will always aggressively advocate for, and assist those individuals whose sexual orientation or gender identity has placed them outside of the mainstream.

My areas of practice include Family Law for traditional and non-traditional families, Criminal Defense, Employment Law (both defense and plaintiff work) And Landlord Tenant Law. Jerry also represents individuals and organizations in other types of litigation in State court, Federal court and before various agencies.

In the area of Family Law, I offer several years of experience in representing clients needing genetic donors to create a family, adoptions, contested and uncontested marriage dissolutions, custody/parenting time disputes, support matters, and domestic abuse/harassment proceedings. Jerry is a leading attorney in family law matters, including non-traditional families such as those with lesbian, gay or transgendered parents, in establishing access rights for non-parents, and in high conflict divorces.



  • Graduated summa cum laude from the University of St. Thomas in 1984 with a BA. in Business Administration.
    Graduated cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1990.

  • Adjunct Professor at William Mitchell College of Law where he teaches "Work of the Lawyer," an ethics course for upper division law students that addresses unique ethical issues facing practicing attorneys.